With a horizontal layout and no back or front, every culture is given equal focus.

The LACMA Building for the Permanent Collection will be approximately 368,000 square feet, replacing four inefficient, deteriorating buildings within LACMA’s East Campus (the Ahmanson, Art of the Americas, and Hammer buildings, as well as the Leo S. Bing Center) that comprise approximately 393,000 square feet. Overall, the project would result in a reduction of approximately 25,000 square feet.

The new building would be composed of eight semi-transparent pavilions that support an elevated, organically shaped, and translucent main exhibition level. The main exhibition level would extend over Wilshire Boulevard to the Spaulding lot on the southeast corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Spaulding Avenue. The project design will open up two-and-a-half acres of new public outdoor space, including landscaped outdoor plazas, public programming and educational spaces, sculpture gardens, and native and drought-tolerant vegetation integrated with the new building and the surrounding park. Existing spaces on the Spaulding parking lot will be relocated to a new parking structure to be built on the west side of Ogden Drive, south of the corner of Ogden and Wilshire Boulevard.


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